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Blog - Paddle Blinds

Standard Line Blind Redesign


Many of Steinmans customers have special ordered line blinds with minimum thickness to be used as a simple yet essential safety device to block potential flow in a line during a shutdown or scheduled maintenance. Due to the volume of such special orders, Steinmans has redesigned the standard line blind also known today as the paddle blind, slip blind, spectacle blind, figure 8 blind, or spade blind to offer more safety features and benefits. Our safety spade blinds can be fabricated using virtually any type of material.

Blanking Line Blind

Steinmans blanking line blinds are truly a one piece construction. They are precision cut and follow very strict dimensional and thickness tolerance requirements. Steinmans' line blinds feature a redesigned handle that affords more safety during installation, use, and removal through the addition of a tagging hole for attachment of a safety tag. A safety flange [...]

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Safety Blinds

Steinmans specializes in the design and fabrication of standard and custom blinds including paddle blinds, line blinds, and safety blinds for 100% safe isolation of piping and equipment. We manufacture blinds available in all different grades of metal including, stainless steel, carbon steel, Monel®, Inconel®, nickel alloys, Haselloy, chrome-molybdeum, aluminum, etc. Our safety spade blinds [...]

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Steinmans Safety Line Blinds (a.k.a. Paddle Blinds, Slip Blinds, Skillet Blinds) VS. Blind Flanges

Many people may be uncertain what the difference is between slip blinds (also known as spade blinds, paddle blinds, skillet blinds, pancake blinds, etc.) and blind flanges.  If you are wondering which type of blind is better suited to your needs, you may find the following information about Steinmans' safety slip blinds vs. blind flanges [...]

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