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Blog - Spade Blind Metal Marking

Safety Spade Blind - Metal Markings


Standard Marking Change:
Steinmans, LLC would like to announce that effective today, March 11, 2010, our standard marking procedure on our blanking type paddle blinds has changed. Our blinds will be marked as follows:

  • Steinmans, LLC
  • Material of Construction
  • Flange Class
  • Pipe Size, NPS
  • Pressure Rating (*if applicable)
  • Model Number
  • Abbreviated Flange Class and Pipe Size (inverted)

* Our blanking spade blinds are not designed to be used in high temperature or pressure applications. They are to be used for temporary blocking only. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, all of our blinds will be laser etched with "Not Rated for Pressure".

Added Benefits:
One of the most noticeable marking changes on our paddle blinds is the addition of the abbreviated flange class and pipe size text (inverted marking). This marking is being introduced for added ease of identification. At Steinmans, we wanted to give our customers an added benefit for using our blinds vs. the competition. Therefore, we designed this text to be much larger and bold so blinds in use can be identified at a distance. The text was also inverted to make it easier to identify during storage and non use.

Finally, we added model numbers to each paddle blind, so that our customers can easily order similar blinds.