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Great Customer Feedback on Our Spade Blinds!


A recent customer of ours gave us some great feedback about our line blinds. It was over the phone so I asked if he'd mind if I would share the information on our online news blog. He didn't mind, so here goes...

A couple of weeks ago a new customer of ours purchased a few of our blanking spade blinds for an upcoming shutdown. He had already purchased the majority of his paddle blinds from a different manufacturer and needed a few more. One of his associates found our website online and presented our design to him. He really liked our designs so he decided to give us a try.  During the shutdown both types of line blinds were used. The regular paddle blinds with a skinny solid handle and our paddle blinds with our custom safety handle. The customer loved our design because not only could he tag each blind with a danger tag, he also was able to run a chain through the handle of the blind and around the pipe or valve where it was being used. This served as an added safety feature for the line blind.

During the shutdown there was an safety incident. One of the "other type" paddle blinds, from a manufacture that we will not mention, was removed accidentally. Since the paddle blind had no markings or had no way of tagging the blind with a safety tag, a mechanic thought it was ok to remove the blind. Needless to say, the mistake was caught in time and no one was hurt. Each and every single one of our line blinds that we supplied were tagged with a danger tag and locked out with a chain and lock. Because of this, there were no safety issues with our blinds.

Our valued customer says, "Your blinds are great! You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the design. We love the added safety features and we absolutely plan on using your paddle blinds for all future shutdowns! Thank you." ~Edward B.