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Steinmans, LLC Introduces a New Blanking Line Blind Design


View our official press release at PRWEB.COM - NEW! Blanking Line Blind Design

Steinmans' blanking line blinds incorporate the functionality of a standard paddle blind while adding more safety and design features.

In the past, many of Steinmans' customers have special ordered line blinds with minimum thickness to be used as a simple yet essential safety device to block potential flow in a line during a shutdown or scheduled maintenance. Due to the volume of such special orders, Steinmans has redesigned the standard line blind - also known today as the paddle blind, slip blind, spectacle blind, figure 8 blind, or spade blind - to offer more safety features and benefits.

The following features of Steinmans' new blanking line blinds are listed in greater detail on Steinmans' website:

Steinmans’ blanking line blinds are truly a one piece construction. They are precision cut and follow very strict dimensional and thickness tolerance requirements. Steinmans’ line blinds feature a redesigned handle that affords more safety during installation, use, and removal through the addition of a "tagging hole" for attachment of a safety tag. A safety flange check guide has been added to all line blinds, as well as an "easy identification" section that allows users to quickly check material of construction, flange class, pressure ratings, etc. Steinmans’ design introduces a special lock-out feature which allows line blinds to be locked-out when in use for longer durations. Steinmans’ new design is also lighter and more cost effective than the standard paddle blind.