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Steinmans Safety Line Blinds (a.k.a. Paddle Blinds, Slip Blinds, Skillet Blinds) VS. Blind Flanges


Many people may be uncertain what the difference is between slip blinds (also known as spade blinds, paddle blinds, skillet blinds, pancake blinds, etc.) and blind flanges.  If you are wondering which type of blind is better suited to your needs, you may find the following information about Steinmans' safety slip blinds vs. blind flanges useful.

Slip Blinds:
Slip blinds are used in process piping applications as a means of gaining a guaranteed temporary block of pipe flow in a non-energized system during shutdowns for line breaks or tank/vessel entries.  Sometimes during such shutdowns, valves can accidentally be left open, or they can leak even when in the closed position.  Slip blinds provide positive isolation and eliminate the possibility of equipment damage, environmental hazards, personal injury or death.  Unlike with blind flanges, pipes do not have to be completely separated to install slip blinds.  Slip blinds “slip in” because they are much thinner than blind flanges.  This makes slip blinds faster and easier to install than blind flanges – typically one person can install slip blinds with no additional pipe support needed.  Steinmans' safety slip blinds are also manufactured with a handle for even easier installation and removal, as well as for easy identification.

Blind Flanges:
In contrast to slip blinds, blind flanges are often used to close off the ends of piping systems on energized systems and are typically thicker than slip blinds to withstand greater pressure.  To use a blind flange, pipes must be completely disconnected at the flange, and full disassembly of the flange is required.  Additional pipe support may also be necessary.   More space is generally needed to install the blind flange because the pipes must be separated, and large pipes may be more difficult to separate due to weight and pipe configuration.  Furthermore, the blind flange is heavier due to its thickness, therefore often requiring more time and more people for installation.  Unlike slip blinds, blind flanges typically do not have handles, which may add to installation and/or removal difficulty.

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Blind Flange vs. Steinmans Safety Spade Blind