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  1. What is a spade blind?

    A spade blind or line blind, is a piece of metal that is made to be sandwiched between two pipe flanges, typically with the use of a gasket on each side.

    Visit our official press release at Steinmans Blanking Line Blind.

  2. What is the purpose of a spade blind?

    Spade blinds are typically used as an added level of protection when isolating lines in a process piping system. When using a spade blind, one can be absolutely sure that an line is properly and securely blanked off with no possibility of any potential flow or leakage during maintenance. This provides added protection to the worker and equipment.

  3. What makes your designs different from the rest?

    We wanted to design a newer, safer, more efficient, and more cost effective way to block the potential flow in a process piping system. Our team of engineers, along with the help of our product development group, spent countless hours redesigning and perfecting our exclusive line of spade blinds.

  4. What is the difference between a spectacle blind and a paddle blind or spade blind?

    Spectacle Blinds
    A spectacle blind - also known as a figure-8 blind - is generally a piece of metal that is cut to fit between two pipe flanges and usually sandwiched between two gaskets.  A spectacle blind is often made from two metal discs that are attached to each other by a small section of steel.  The shape is similar to a pair of glasses or "spectacles" hence the name, spectacle blind.  One end of the blind will have an opening to allow flow through the pipe during operation and the other end is solid to block flow during maintenance.  They are generally installed as a permanent device to separate process piping systems.

    Paddle Blinds / Spade Blinds
    A paddle blind - also known as spade blind, skillet blind, line blind, pancake blind, or slip blind - is basically a half of a spectacle blind.  They are generally applied in piping systems that do not require constant maintenance.  The paddle blind is used as a temporary blocking device to stop flow in a process piping system.

    See our official press release which includes a comparison chart between spectacle blinds vs. paddle blinds.

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